I want to change the way people view addiction and recovery. 

I love obsessive wildly talented pants-peeingly funny humans bent towards sabotage. I am amazed at how, given the right circumstances, these people can suspend destructive behaviors and learn to pitbull their minds towards creative compulsions that help save the world and themselves. 

Reform School first bubbled up in my mind as space where people could offer/take life-skills classes slanted a bit towards the arts/self-help/behavior modification. How cool would it be if you could spread the knowledge you've developed through blood/sweat/tears/terrible decisions without acquiring a four year degree and $100k in student debt? 

Daydreaming more I wanted to cultivate the lighthearted wonderful facets of recovery. Shine a spot on the parts that keep you clean and eager to succeed. The part where you're like HOLY FUCK I AM LIVING MY DREAMS. How do we push that to the forefront (and slide the whole I'm-an-awful-human-who-has-made-some-super-shitty-self-centered-mistakes to the side burner. Not forget it entirely, but like just move it out of center focus). 

Later I was struck with an urge to find a way to promote incredible talented people - their creations/art/businesses - without adopting an entirely different career path on my own. I'm not looking to start a gallery or become an artists' agent or publicist or headhunter. 

Thus we have Reform School

A hub. A market place. A resource. For terrible humans looking to reform without a nail bat/sleep deprivation/pledging allegiance to a sex cult.

Less self-loathing more self-love. 

Want to collaborate? Want to participate? Want to change the world? Let's talk!