Behind the Curtain

Reform School was started by Francesca Libra Brandelius Norstad; 
a reformed mess of a human. 


High Points:

Recovering Drug Addict/Sex Addict/Underearner

Badass Photographer

Joyous Host of the Little Miss Addict Podcast

Comedian [Edinbugh/The Moth/Mortified]

Decent Writer (VICE/The Fix/unfinished memoir...)

Grateful Member of NA/SAA/UA [2003 / 2011 / 2018]

Lovely Acquaintance

Great Friend/Family Member

Awesome Dog/Human Parent  

Adoring Partner [2004 - 2006/2013 - Present]

First Photo Show [2000]

First Burning Man [2000]

Student Body President [1999]

Prom Coordinator

Enrolled in Small Private High School [1997]

Adopted by an Incredible Family [1995]

Raised by Wildly Colorful/Relatively Unreliable Individuals [1982-1992]


Low Points:

11-29: Regularly putting validation from boys/men ahead of my friendships with girls/women. 

13: Trying to prove I was gangster/impress some boys while high by punching a girl, that I liked... in the neck, because she was so tall and I closed my eyes.

15: Taking LSD and bopping a girl, who I was jealous of, on her head for rightfully accusing me of stealing her ring... and then dying my whole body cotton candy pink.

15-21: Sleeping with people that I didn't like/didn't like me/were love interests of my friends for drugs and/or validation. 

16-21: Often driving while under the influence of various substances.

17: Spitting in a girl's hair and bullying her for sleeping with my boyfriend who pursued her while I was in Peru.

20: Having unprotected sex with a dreadlocked fire dancing hippie 16 years my senior that I met at a bar and who I thought was going to kill me and wouldn't leave my house for a week.

21: Throwing a party at the apartment I was getting evicted from where I blacked out and hit, bit, spit on my friends, drove my car, and had sex with someone who I know didn't want to have sex with me... did I rape him? All while simultaneously avoiding/hiding from the guy that I was dating/manipulating for drugs/validation who I thought was going to kill me/bought us tickets to Amsterdam where we were going to get clean/import absinthe and hash. 

24: Breaking up with my boyfriend because I wanted more attention from him... that's how you get it, right?

25: Having an affair with the ex-boyfriend I broke up with and then telling his current girlfriend via social media when he refused to end the relationship. 

27: Starting a short lived career as an overly honest topless dancer. 

29: Turning one ill-planned trick. And getting pregnant by a dating coach.

30: Bout of Suicidal Depression

34: Pooped in a closet to defend my sister's honor.

35: Bout of Suicidal Depression















Open Minded








Selectively Honest









Self Care Habits:

Up at 4am (3-5x per week)

Meditates (3-10x per week)

Journals (1-5x per week)

Attends Meetings (1-3 per week)

Does Yoga with Adriene (3-5x per week)

Calls Sponsor (1-3x per month)

Calls Grandma (2-6x per week)

Assesses Goals/Tasks Needed to Achieve Goals (3-5x per week)

Talks/Socializes with Friends (7-12x per week)

Gets Massages/Goes to Spa (1-2x per month)

Walks Dogs (1-3x per week)

Laughs with Partner/Child (12-48x per week)