Behind the Curtain

Reform School was started by Francesca Libra Brandelius Norstad; a reformed mess of a human.    High Points: Recovering Drug Addict/Sex Addict/Underearner Badass Photographer Joyous Host of the Little Miss Addict Podcast Comedian [Edinbugh/The Moth/Mortified] Decent Writer (VICE/The Fix/unfinished memoir...) Grateful Member of NA/SAA/UA [2003 / 2011 / 2018] Lovely Acquaintance Great Friend/Family Member Awesome Dog/Human Parent   Adoring Partner [2004 - 2006/2013 - Present] First Photo Show [2000] First Burning Man [2000] Student Body President [1999] Prom Coordinator Enrolled in Small Private High School [1997] Adopted by an Incredible Family [1995] Raised by Wildly Colorful/Relatively Unreliable Individuals [1982-1992]   Low Points: 11-29: Regularly putting validation from boys/men ahead of my friendships with girls/women. ...

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